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The Special Needs Children

As science and technology have advanced, more in-depth and accurate studies, research, and documentation have been carried out on children and their ability to observe, learn and develop their personalities and skills. A study gathered by Gregor Torkar [2021] reveals that children have outstanding observational skills and demand an explanation for everything they experience. It also explains how children can learn on their own by interacting and engaging with their surroundings and the people around them. 
However, this isn’t the case for every kid out there. Many studies have proven that children are born with different intellectual, physical and emotional capabilities. Some will learn and grow quickly, while others will take their time. But some children will require special help to grow, learn and acquire basic skills. One such condition that prevents children from growing their personalities and learning new skills is Autism. So, what is Autism?! 

Developmental Disability – Autism 

To define it in simple words, Autism is a lifelong, complex disability that makes it difficult for individuals to develop and grow. Typically, Autism symptoms appear in early childhood and can severely affect the child’s communication skills, social skills, relationships with family and friends, and self-regulation. The Autism spectrum is a condition that influences each individual differently. Presently, there is no known specific cause of Autism. Still, an early diagnosis can allow the child to be helped through sufficient support and services in time, potentially leading to a life filled with quality and opportunity. 

How We Help the Special Needs Children

I PEEP BXS is a board-certified behavior analyst that excels in providing ABA therapy to pre-kindergarten and young adults. Donta Hallmon founded this sanctuary, an experienced, reliable, and talented behavior analyst capable of delivering care and nurturing to special children and young adults to lead a successful quality life filled with opportunities. All the practices and services are uniquely customized to fit each learner’s skills, interests, needs, preferences, and family situation by a qualified behavior analyst who also supervises each of these programs. 

To begin, our experienced and capable staff will carry out a detailed assessment of each individual’s skills and preferences. Using the gathered information, they will create specific treatment goals that will be achieved through the programs. The goals of the treatments are created based on the age and ability of the child or young adult with ASD. Treatment goals can cover different areas such as;

1 – Communication and Language. The individual goes through treatments that allow them to freely and effectively communicate with others using a specific language. 

2 – Social Skills. To achieve this goal, the individual is encouraged to socialize with their family members, friends, and people belonging to their age group to learn to interact and engage with others appropriately. 

3 – Self-care. In this goal-driven treatment, the individual is taught proper self-care regarding hygiene, body and mind rest, food intake, and other similar aspects. 

4 – Play and Leisure. To achieve this objective, the person is inspired to enjoy physical activities and find the hobbies that fit their interests well to learn to enjoy their leisure time. 

5 – Motor Skills. This goal intends to allow individuals to develop fine and gross motor skills to perform their everyday tasks without difficulty. 

6 – Learning and Academic Skills. Every child and young adult needs to learn and in-take appropriate academic knowledge to succeed in their lives. This program helps with academic goals. 

Services to Battle Autism 

I PEEP BXS has set its mind on battling against Autism to allow our young ones to lead a healthy life full of quality and happiness. To achieve that purpose, we have created multiple programs that will significantly improve the conditions of individuals with Autism. Our ABA programs are uniquely adjusted for each individual under our care, which effectively improves the learner’s skills, needs, interests, and preferences. Below are the features of our services in a package

  • In-Home ABA Therapy 
  • Comprehensive Assessment 
  • Individualized Treatment Plans 
  • ABA Verbal Behavioral Therapy 
  • Parent Training 
  • Social Skills 

Every parent wants the best for their children, and sometimes, it’s the best decision to seek out professional help to ensure a good and stable future for them. We develop a unique nurturing program for your child that helps them help themselves, facilitating their growth and learning. 

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